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Alaska Cruise
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When to go

The Alaskan Cruise season is short, from May to September, due to climate. May and September cruises are generally less expensive and have better availability. On the other hand, it is warmer from June to August. The closer your cruise is to June 22nd, the more daylight hour you will have for onboard and land excursion sightseeing.

Land excursions

They are an integral part of Alaska Cruises, but they cost extra. They range from about $50 to $500, with $150 the medium. You can buy them when you get your tickets or when you are on the ship.

True, you can usually save some money by buying the excursions when you go ashore, but the big risk is they may be sold out even before you disembark. This is particularly true with the "hot" excursions such as dog sledding and glacier helicopter tours.

Ship size

Alaska cruise ships vary in size from small (under 100 passengers) to megaliner (2000 plus). The first generally offers more personalized service and can sail in narrower passages. The second offers a greater variety of onboard activities.


Alaska stems from the Aleutian term Alyesky, meaning "great land".

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