Denali National Park

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Denali National Park
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In-park transportation

You can drive a private car only on the first 15 miles of the 90-mile park road. The final 75 miles must be done by tour bus, shuttle bus, bicycle, or on foot.

Getting the Denali

The most popular means are by car, bus, and train from Anchorage or Fairbanks. Plane service is also available.


Weather conditions can change abruptly, within an hour or two, so dress in layers.


Most accommodations are just outside the park's entrance in the nearby town of Talkeetna. Some wilderness lodges are located deep within the park.

Book early. Reservation availability dries up quickly.

How long to stay

You need at least two or three nights to get a decent feel for Denali National Park. Longer stays give greater rewards.

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