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Why the
Pergamon Museum
in Berlin is special

The Pergamon Museum displays massive, original archeological treasures from the Near East and Middle East.

Pergamon Museum
tips and insights

Pergamon Altar -
the museum's
leading attraction


Immense size

To get a sense of scale of this mammoth structure, notice the red-sweatered man climbing the steps in the photo above.

How it got here

The 22-century-old Pergamon Altar was excavated a century ago from the Pergamon Acropolisin what is now Turkey, then disassembled, shipped and reconstructed in Berlin.


The friezes to his left and right are the Pergamon Altar's masterpieces. The sculptures show the Olympian gods battling the Titan giants.

Second most
popular attraction

The honor goes to the immense and colorful 6th century BC Ishtar Gate from ancient Babylon (in today's Iraq).

Location in Germany

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