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Iguacu Falls
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Hollywood movie

The opening scene of the major 1986 movie The Mission starring Robert DeNiro and Jeremy Irons captures Iguacu Falls on film in its spectacular and thunderous glory. Worth seeing, at least for that vigorous and relatively long cinema photographic sequence.

How Iguacu Falls was named

A thousand years or so ago, the native Guarani Indians named the falls Iguacu. That word means "great water" in their language. Although the Spanish officially re-dubbed the falls "Santa Maria" In the 16th Century, the appellation didn't stick. The original Indian name - Iguacu or Iguazu Falls - now reigns.

Ancient legend

It tells us that an angry local river god created the Iguacu gorge as his grave in anger. He did this when he discovered that a local tribesman was whisking away a virgin that was to be sacrificed to the god.

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The forests around Iguacu Falls host hundreds of wildlife species including jaguars and pumas. However, wildlife sightings are limited for most because many of the creatures are nocturnal - and those that are not nocturnal are easily hidden by the dense rainforest growth.

Trail walks

You will spot some wildlife species during trail walks. These include colorful birds (such as toucans and parrots) and striking butterflies.

Best Hotel for location

The upscale Belmond Hotel das Cataratas lies on the Brazilian side of the waterfalls. It is just a short stroll from them.

Iguacu Falls is popular

More than one million people visit Iguacu each year. Most are Argentine and Brazilian citizens.

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