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Roman Forum
tips and insights

Major structures

From a visitor's perspective, the top seven are

Arch of Severus
Arch of Titus
Temple of Attoninus & Faustina
Temple of Pastor & Pollux
Temple of Saturn
Temple of Vesta
Temple of Vespasian

How the
Roman Forum evolved

It sprang modestly from a marsh around 700 BC. It grew and reached its apogee during the reign of Augustus (27 BC to 14 AD). It became a showcase for Rome's supremacy.

The Roman Forum
had many historic days

They include triumphant marches by returning armies. And there was the infamous Ides of March when Julius Caesar was assassinated.

Definition of a
Roman forum

A forum is an open public space. There were many other ancient forums in Rome and beyond. However, the Roman Forum was the classiest.

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