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Health alerts

Center for Disease Control

US governmental body creates advisories on diseases in specific areas that may threaten travelers. Issued by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Global coverage.

Travel Warnings

US State Department / Travel

When page opens, click the "travel warnings" link. It specifies current hot spots around the globe. Frequently updated by the US State Department.


Embassy World

Directory of embassies. Gives addresses, phone numbers, etc. of a country's main and foreign-located embassies.

Tourism Offices

Tourism Office World Directory

Directory of the main and foreign-located official tourism offices of many countries.

Currency Exchange

XE Universal Currency Converter

Calculates the current exchange rate when converting one country's monetary currency into another county's. Converts over 80 currencies.


Google Maps

Displays maps and satellite imagery of many travel destinations. Global coverage.

What time is it there?

Time and Date

Show the current time in major cities. Global coverage.


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