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Nice site. I have added a link to it in our travel section. – Barry S.

Just read your top 1000 world wonders. I do need to travel more. – Zamm L.

I am a world traveler. You have solved my problem of where to go. Thank you so much. – M.H.

I enjoy very much your Hillman wonder site. I have been to 18 of the top 100 and hope to add to that total in future travels. – Raymond H.

Love your list. I have started planning my vacations around it. - Wendy B.

Really enjoyed your website. I got itchy feet the more I read. – A.D.

I truly thank you. Your site has been a life-changer for me. I consult your 1000 list and count everything as a must see. – Keith T.

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I spent last summer in Europe and selected nearly all of my destinations from your Top 1000 list. – Bob G.

Great list … I will attempt to visit as many as possible. – Pallop A.

I enjoyed your list of the 100 Wonders of the World. My goal now is to visit as many as I can. – John Y.

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You have done a fantastic job on Hillman Wonders. Obviously, you put a huge number of hours into it. – George T.

I have seen about 40 of your 100 list and would really love to see the rest before I am unable to travel. - Bob W.

Thank you for sharing your travel wisdom on the net. – Ian P.

I printed off your top 100 list to tick off the sights as I see them during my lifetime. – Scott G.

I would rate your site as an eighth wonder. It's the best site about the seven wonders I have seen. – Max M.

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I am planning a trip to East Africa in June and I found your site absolutely helpful. – Tam K.

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I've never done a safari but have always wanted to. Your site helped me get answers to all my questions. Thanks. - M.L.

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I put your website among my 'favorites. – Carol B.

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Travel agents

Most impressive site. - Phoebe W.

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Educators and librarians

Your website will prove invaluable to me as a teacher.– Pam B.

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