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Other main Acropolis attractions

The main tourism draws include:



They are a photogenic row of five statues of maidens supporting the porch of the Erechtheion Temple. (They are copies. Four of the originals are in the nearby Acropolis Museum. The other is in the British Museum in London.)


Nike Temple

This small, distinguished temple honors Athena.



The monumental entrance gateway to the Acropolis.


Also don't miss the Dionysus and Atticus Theatres. They are not on the outcropping but are carved into its lower slopes.

Golden Age

The wonder was erected around 440 BC during the Golden Age of Greece. It honored Athena, the city's protecting goddess.

"Poor taste"

The Acropolis was conceived and championed by the 5th century BC Athenian leader Pericles. Interestingly, while the world today widely praises its architecture, some of his contemporaries considered it to be in poor taste.

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