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Best times

November to March

This is the period most tourists come. Although midday temperatures can be hot, they are not scorching (as occurs in Dubai's summer). And the humidity level is acceptable.

If you are not into shopping, consider avoiding early January to early February. The famous month-long Dubai Shopping Festival takes place then. It attracts legions of visitors. Hotel room availability is scarce.

Least desirable times

May to September

You will likely find it unbearable to walk around outdoors in Dubai in the middle of the day (especially from June to August). Temperatures can exceed 40°C (104°F) and humidity reaches unpleasantly high levels.

More insights

Think of Dubai as having just two seasons: winter (hot) and summer (intensely hot). There are no springs or falls as you might experience back home.

Virtually all the hotels, malls and restaurants frequented by tourists have robust air conditioning systems.

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