British Isles cruise

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When to go on a
British Isles cruise

Main cruise season


Long daylight sightseeing hours.

Can be nippy.

July and August

Warm weather

Peak tourist crowds


Tourist crowds slacken.

Nippiest. Fewer daylight hours.

If you want to avoid children, cruise early June or during September.

What legally qualifies
as a "British cruise"?

The ship does not have to sail around Ireland Island to qualify as a British Isles cruise as long as it visits at least one Irish east coast port (such as Dublin).

The ship can add a Continent port (such as La Havre, France) to its itinerary as long as the lion's share of its ports are in the British Isles.

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Cruise length
and home port

The typical cruise last 12 nights and sails roundtrip for Southampton.

Cruise ships

You have a wide choice, ranging from small to large. Cruise lines are in the mainstream and upmarket (but not luxury) categories.

Passenger demographics

Cruises that circle the British Isles were once highly skewed to Brit retirees and semi-retirees. Today, the average passenger age is dropping. The number of families and professionally active passengers are increasing. So is the percentage of passengers who live beyond the British Isles.

British and Irish history

Onboard lecturers and shore guides make history come alive with their tales of castle, cathedral, and palace intrigues.

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