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The Spanish Steps
is Rome's best hotel area

All Rome lodging locales have something to offer. But, overall, the best hotel area is the Spanish Steps. Advantages include:

Hotel variety

The Spanish Steps area has a wide choice of accommodations, from basic to ultra luxury hotels.

The latter category has two five-star deluxe landmark hotels featuring sumptuous Old World-style common areas:


Hotel Hassler

Rome's most famous luxury hotel.
Extravagantly pricey for nearly all travelers.


InterContinental Hotel

Next door to the Hassler, but more affordable. to view my description and photos.


Both of these Rome establishments sit above the renowned Spanish Steps.


By staying in the Spanish Steps locality, you will be within walking distance of many of Rome's famed attractions. These include the Trevi Fountain, Borghese Gallery, and - of course - the Spanish Steps. And, if you enjoy leisurely 30-minute walks, add the Vatican to the list.

Dining choices

The neighborhood boasts a variety of interesting restaurants.

Outstanding stores

Rome's most prestigious shopping street - the Via Condotti - begins at the Spanish Steps' Piazza Spagna.

Nightime safety

The Spanish Steps locale is one of Rome's safest evening locales.

Best hotel area

Piazza Navona

This celebrated piazza has has charming narrow streets with old-neighborhood character - and an active dining scene.

Be aware of
shortcomings of
these lodging areas

Vatican and Colosseum locales

Although these two areas put you conveniently close to their respective esteemed attractions, you won't be near many of the other Rome must sees. And, their dining and nightlife scenes will be limited.

Stazioni Termini

The main train station zone is popular because it's geographically convenient to public transportation. However, some parts can be noisy, run down, and possibly unsafe at night.

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