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The falls are located in the remote southeastern area of Venezuela. Travelers typically launch their Angel Falls journey in the village of Canaima, which is situated about 50 kilometers (30 miles) from the falls. Once in Canaima, you have two basic sightseeing alternatives: boating and flightseeing:


Most boat tours last 2 to 4 days, with overnights in hammock camps. The shortest trip consists of a 3 to 5 hour ride in a motorized dugout canoe up the river followed by a somewhat strenuous hour trek through the rain forest to the base of the falls.


Small commercial aircrafts fly you above and in front of the falls. Although this type of tour is less adventurous than the boating one, the majority of travelers who have done both believe that a flight gives you the best perspective and the most spectacular views of Angel Falls.

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One of many

Angel Falls plummets off a large table mountain (flat top, tall sheer sides). It is just one of many tabletop mountains with striking waterfalls in the Gran Sabana region.

Two Angel Falls

During the rainy season, Angel Falls can split into two or more falls, each with its own distinct plume.

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