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Is a world cruise
right for you?

A world cruise is ideal for 60-plus travelers who are affluent and time rich - and who seek a slow paced experience with lots of sea days.

However, a world cruise would not be your oyster if:

You would be bored spending months on the same boat and with more or less the same passengers.

You can only afford a small inside cabin and you would be very uncomfortable living out of a small, windowless space for several months.

You prefer to cruise with a mainly under-60 crowd.

You plan to bring children (they would likely be bored).

You have health issues that conflict with going on a multi-month cruise. Sometimes you'll be far out to sea (several sailing days away from the nearest land hospital or emergency evacuation helicopter service).

You are not 100% sure you will be able to begin or complete the cruise. Unless you have the proper insurance, cancelling a world cruise booking can be expensive, even if you do it a couple of months prior to embarkation.

If none of the above six issues apply to you, there are numerous compelling reasons to take a world cruise. Go for it.

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