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Note: Many of the specialties listed below are now popular throughout Canada. I give their geographical origin, when relevant.

Butter Tarts

Small cup-shaped pastry shells with various fillings.

Canadian Bacon

It’s from the pork loin, not pork belly, which is why it is also named back bacon.

Canadian Game

Includes beaver, caribou, deer, duck, elk, moose, partridge, and quail meat. Ranges from the familiar (venison steak) to unusual (beaver tail).


Eastern Canada

Edible fern sprout that looks like a coiled musical fiddle head when it emerges from the ground in early spring.

Fish and Brewis

Maritime Provinces

Salt cod and hardtack cracker. Each is boiled separately, then served together.

Jigg’s Dinner

Maritime Provinces

A mixture of corned beef, potatoes and other vegetables is accompanied by peas pudding mashed peas.

Lumberjack Breakfast

Huge serving of eggs, bacon, ham, sausages and pancakes.

Maple Syrup

Eastern Canada

Used as a pancake syrup or cooking flavoring agent.

Montreal Bagel

Quebec Province

A slightly sweet, junior-sized New York style bagel.

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