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Roast Pork with
bread dumplings
and sauerkraut

It's the national dish of the Czech Republic. See my authentic bread dumpling background recipe below.

Bread dumplings

Houskové knedlíky (the Czech name) is used to soak up the meat juices on the plate. Potato dumplings are also popular, but bread dumplings are closer to the Czech's heart.

Baked sliced sirloin (svickova)

Served with cream sauce and dumplings.

Goulash (gulaš)

Similar to the famous Hungarian variety, but more oniony and less spicy.

Roasted goose (husa)

Roasted duck (kachna) is also popular.

Breaded veal cutlet (řízek)

Similar to Germany's wiener schnitzel.

Smoked pork pancake
(bramborak or,
somplaces, cmunda)

Oversized potato pancake layered with smoked pork mixture.

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Photo by Zacatecnik - CC BY-SA 3.0



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