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A mixture of fermented vegetables (often cabbage). It is typically chili-hot and crunchy textured. Kimchi is served as an accompaniment to dishes.


Thin slices of beef are marinated in a soy-and-spice sauce, then brushed with sesame seeds, and grilled over charcoal (or gas fire) on a table brazier.


Vegetables and meat are simmered in the tabletop charcoal-heated Mongolian hot-pot.

Chap Chae

Transparent rice noodles are pan-fried with minced vegetables and meat in a seasoned broth.

Mandu Kuk

This soup consist of pork and/or beef dumplings simmered in a broth.




Steamed rice blanketed with vegetables, beef and egg. A small garnish of chili paste enlivens the dish.


Broiled, grilled or barbecued beef or pork short ribs.


Korean-style sushi. Vegetables, not seafood, are the stars.


This national pancake. It's embedded with scallions, shrimp, grated vegetables, whatever.

San Juk

Beef cubes are marinated and skewered (sometimes along with mushrooms, scallions and/or green peppers), then broiled.

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