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Spice masters

No other world cuisine surpasses Morocco's subtle use of multi-spice blends.

Pork and alcohol

Because most Moroccans are Moslems, pork and alcohol are traditionally avoided.


In Moroccan recipes, "meat" could mean lamb, mutton, beef, fish, chicken or even camel.

Meat-and-fruit dishes

Moroccan cuisine is noted for its frequent combination of meat and fruit. They are often cooked together in the clay tajine pot (see photo).


Moroccans enjoy sweet cakes and pastries, often made with nuts and honey.

Similar cuisines

The cuisines of Tunisia (especially) and Algeria are similar to Moroccan cuisine, but each has its own unique dishes and cooking styles.

Best city for gourmets

Casablanca is the top all-around Moroccan cuisine city. Fez, Marrakech and Rabat are runners-up.

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