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Top 5 Delphi
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This Greek wonder has many interesting archaeological ruins for tourists to see. The top five are:


Temple of Apollo

Massive sanctuary. Dominates Delphi.


Temple of Pronaia Athena

Circular structure with three restored columns


Treasury of Athena

Small. Well restored for Delphi.



The site's cultural center. Seated 5,000 people.



Site of the Pythian Games (similar to the Olympic Games).

Other Delphi
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Impressive settng

Delphi lies on a steep mountain slope with an arresting view of a valley and, in the distance, the Gulf of Corinth.

Closed by decree

The Oracle of Delphi was shut down in the 4th century AD by governmental decree because of its pagan rituals. The site was neglected and gradually buried by landslides and other natural causes.


Delphi was discovered in the late 19th century hidden under a working village, which was relocated so that excavations could begin.


The site has an outstanding onsite archaeological museum. Standout artworks include the Bronze Charioteer and the friezes of the Athenian and Siphnian Treasuries.


Ancient Greeks believed Delphi was the geographical center of the world. The exact spot was marked by the carved Omphalos stone, which is now on exhibit in the museum.


Oracle has different related meanings, which sometimes leads to confusion. The word can signify:

Getting there

You can visit it on a day trip from Athens, Greece. It's 2 to 3 hours away, depending on traffic conditions.

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