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Why the
Acropolis Museum
in Athens is special

Not only does the museum display original and replica statues and friezes from the nearby Acropolis, it is part of a juicy international art world controversy.

The Elgin Marble controversy

In the early 1800s the British ambassador Lord Elgin transferred many of the friezes that rimmed the Parthenon building to England. The British government insists that he did it legally - and, besides, it believed for a long time that Greece could not provide a safe environment for displaying them.

Greece claims the transfer was illegal. It demands that the "Elgin Marbles" be returned to Athens from their current home in the British Museum in London.

And to answer the Brit's safe haven argument, Greece built the new Acropolis Museum. It has a perfect setting for protecting and showcasing the Elgin Marbles.

Most art authorities and aficionados believe that the Elgin Marbles should be returned to Greece.

Combined day visit

Because the museum is a short distance downhill from the Acropolis, you can combine the two attractions into a same-day adventure.

On hot sunny summer days, I recommend doing the open-aired Acropolis in the morning and the air-conditioned museum in the afternoon.

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