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Why Corfu
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The Greek Island of Corfu is one of the most appealing vacation islands in Europe. Its scenic land, wonderful climate, and multi-cultural architectural heritage make it a jewel of Greece.

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Corfu Old Town

Narrow streets and alleys are flanked by traditional buildings of different styles, including Greek, Byzantine, Venetian and French (a byproduct of the past centuries when foreign powers ruled Corfu). Engaging restaurants, shops, and cultural events add a cosmopolitan spirit.


Mountain valleys

The terrain is blanketed with olive groves and dotted with picturesque stony villages. It's ideal for exploring by car.



The Ionian Sea coastline is blessed with tempting sandy beaches kissed by clear turquoise waters. And, the two tiny islands of Pontikonsi and Vlaheraina (see photo) have collectively become Corfu's postcard icon.

Attractive landscape

Thanks to ample rain, the landscape of Corfu is lush with greenery and colorful wild flowers. In contrast, the rain-thirsty environments of many Aegean Sea islands (including Crete, Mykonos and Santorini) are relatively dry and parched.

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