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Why the
Greek Island
Delos is special

The tiny, rocky island of Delos was once a religious center of the Ancient Greeks. The ruins of its many monuments attest to its former greatness.

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Greek mythology

It tells us that the Greek Island Delos is the birthplace of two major gods, the twins Apollo and Artemis. Temples, sanctuaries and statues were erected in their honor.

Trading port

Later, in its Hellenistic and Roman periods, Delos became a prosperous Greek Island trading port. Then, in the first century BC, it was destroyed in war and never recovered. Excavation began in 1873.

Marble lions (see photo)

The most photographed artifacts are the squatting 7th century BC marble lions. Some tourists don't realize that they are copies. The originals are in the island's museum.

Other popular Delos sites

Mosaic floors
Sacred Way
Sanctuary of Apollo

Location in Greece

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