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Why the
Lindos Acropolis
in the Greek Islands
is special

The Lindos Acropolis (see upper part of photo) is perched dramatically on a promontory in southern Greece. It's a beautifully stunning sight I will never forget.

Lindos Acropolis
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Most famous part

The Temple of Athena is the most celebrated building. However, it's the walls surrounding the Lindos Acropolis that visual define the site to tourists and professional photographers.


The Lindos Acropolis is a sprawling complex of structures. Many different building styles are evident. This reflects the many cultures that held sway at different periods over the Lindos Acropolis. These include Classical Greek, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine. Today, the Hellenistic influence is the most obvious.

Knights of St John

The massive walls were built by the Knights of St. John, which governed Rhodes Island in southern Greece for many years.


"Acropolis" means high city in Greek. Other acropolises exist (or once existed), including the world famous one in Athens.


The seaside cliffs on two sides are as high as a 30-story building and drop precipitously to the sea.

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