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I don't think Mykonos would be an ideal choice for you for a week-long Greek Island vacation. However, I believe Mykonos would be worth a short visit (say two or three days) because there is much to do and see. For example, you can:

Explore the town's maze of narrow lanes lined with whitewashed dwellings and blue-domed chapels.

Browse fashion boutiques and art galleries - and dine in atmospheric restaurants.

Relax at quiet, uncrowded non-party beaches.

Go to the windmills to view beautiful sunsets

Take a boat daytrip to see the renowned archaeological ruins on the nearby island of Delos (another Hillman Wonder bronze medalist in Greece).


Mykonos is the most cosmopolitan Greek Island - and attracts travelers of diverse nationalities, marital statuses, and sexual preferences.


Accommodations range from basic to luxury.

Getting there

Mykonos is well connected by scheduled ferry services to Athens, Greece and to many popular Greek Islands. It also has an airport.

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