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Why the
Greek Island of
Paros is special

Paros in the Cyclades Island group has many loyal vacation fans because of its first-rate sandy beaches, photogenic whitewashed villages, sun-filled days, and vibrant nightlife.

Top two villages
of Paros


Most visitors arrive at the Parikia ferry wharf - it's noisy, traffic-clogged, and an eyesore. However, behind it you'll find some traditional Greek Island style neighborhoods worthy of Greece. The town also boasts a 4th century Byzantine architectural gem: The 4th-century Panagia Ekatontapiliani ("Our Lady of a 100 Doors") church.


I recommend you stay in this fishing village (see photo) instead of Parikia. Colorful fishing boats plus narrow lanes and whitewashed buildings make it one of the most photogenic villages in the Greek Islands. Nauossa has appealing restaurants, clubs and hotels.

Paros has a
famous party scene

Growing popularity

Currently, the unofficial title of "The Top Party Island of Greece" belongs to Mykonos (with Ios the runner-up). Over the last decade Paros has been growing into a serious contender and may someday take over the #1 spot in Greece.

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