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The Temple of Poseidon sits majestically on Cape Sounion, 60 meters (200 feet) above the Aegean Sea. It offers a sweeping view of the sea and nearby Greek Islands.

Poseidon Temple
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The Temple of Poseidon in Attica, Greece was built in 440 BC to honor Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea.


Although less than half of the original Doric columns are standing (see photo), they collectively attest to the grandeur of the Temple of Poseidon.

Lord Byron

Some visitors play the game of who can spot the notorious "Byron"-engraved marble first. Consensus says the poet Lord Byron chiseled the graffiti himself while visiting Greece around 1810. At the time, he was barely 21 and not yet famous.

Nearby temple

A major temple dedicated to Athena was built nearby, but didn't fare as well. Today only its foundation survives.

Getting there

The Temple of Poseidon is only 70 kilometers (45 miles) southeast of Athens, Greece. It's a half-daytrip, traffic permitting.

When to visit

To experience the Temple of Poseidon in its serene state, arrive early, before the tour buses from Athens, Greece do. Alternatively, go in the late afternoon - and, if the clouds cooperate, stay for Cape Sounion's celebrated sunset

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