Iguacu Falls

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Iguacu Falls


Volcanic activity created the Iguacu gorge roughly 100 millions years ago.

It sits within
a rainforest

The beautiful semi-tropical forest is made possible by the high-rising mist that Iguacu Falls creates. During your trail walks you will see a rich variety of rainforest vegetation, including orchids, bromeliads, begonias, ferns, bamboo and palms.

Number of falls vary

Iguacu Falls consists of some 275 separate falls during the river's seasonal low. That number is halved during the rainy season when small rocky islets on the rim of the falls become submerged.

Shared by two countries

Iguacu Falls straddles the Brazil and Argentina border.


Besides traveling by foot,
these are your primary
sightseeing options



Sightseeing boats at the base of the falls take you next to (and sometimes under) the falling water. Boats above the falls take you to almost the very rim of the falls, close enough to make your heart skip a beat.


The rides are short and expensive, but give you unforgettable memories and an unmatched perspective of Iguacu Falls.


Although there are no sanctioned sightseeing plane services for tourists, sometimes the pilot of a major airline flying to or from Buenos Aires or Rio de Janeiro will circle the falls as a favor to the passengers.

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