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Iquazu Falls
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Iguazu Falls (which ranks 9 among the world's top wonders) is rivaled in mightiness only by Victoria Falls in Africa (ranks 15). The world's other two gold medal-winning falls are Angel Falls (ranks 79) and Niagara Falls (88).

Iguazu Falls'
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Of all the many tall cascades that collectively make up Iguazu Falls, the semi-circular Devil's Throat is by far the most awesome. It is the world's mightiest single water fall (in terms of water-flow volume) - and its incessant roar is deafening, to the point of being terrifying.

length of stay

Most visitors to Iguazu Falls fly in from either Rio de Janeiro in Brazil or Buenos Aires in Argentina. Some do it as a day trip. I strongly suggest staying at least two days - one to explore the Argentine side, the other, the Brazilian side.


Argentines spell this wonder, “Iguazu”, the Brazilians, “Iguacu.” Both versions are globally correct and widely used.

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