Byodo-in Temple

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Byodo-in Temple
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The setting and architectural design of this wonder in Uji-Shi are stunning - and the main hall is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in Japan.

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Byodo-in Temple

Phoenix Hall

Amida-do (as it is also known) faces a peaceful pond and is elegantly flanked on either side with matching winged corridors. It was built in 1053.

Amida Buddha statu

Phoenix Hall houses a sizeable seated figure of the Amida Buddha. It was carved by Jocho, a highly esteemed 11th-century artist


Its famous national treasures include an oversized cast bell, 52 small enlightened bodhisattva figures, and a pair of Phoenix bird sculptures that once adorned the building's roof.

Byodo-in Temple
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Many 11th-century buildings once graced the site. Today, only the Phoenix Hall remains. The others were burnt down, especially during the 1336 civil war.


The modern day 10-Yen Japanese coin features an image of Phoenix Hall.

Easy day trip

The temple is a 20-minute train ride from Kyoto.

Hawaii replica

A half-sized replica of Byodo-in was erected in Oahu, Hawaii - and is a popular tourist draw.

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