Chion-in Temple

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Why the
Chion-in Temple
in Kyoto is special

It is built on the site where the largest Japanese Buddhist sect was born - the Pure Land (Jodo Shu). Today, it's the world headquarters of that sect that has thousands of temples and millions of followers.

Chion-in Temple
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Top 2 structures


Miedo (main hall)

It can accommodate over a thousand worshippers.

Sanmon (main gate)

It's immense in size yet graceful in appearance.

Famous bell

Chinon-in Temple has a colossal 17th-century temple bell. It's so massive that a large team of rope-pulling monks is needed to ring it. The bell weighs 72,000 kilograms (79 tons).


Don't miss seeing the splendid statue of Henon and the one of the Amida Buddha.

Site history

Within decades after founder Honan died here, the Chion-in Temple complex was built in his honor. Fires, earthquakes, and other calamities eventually destroyed the structures. They (including the Miedo and Sanmon) were rebuilt in the 17th century and remain today.

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