Osaka Castle

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Osaka Castle
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This imposing stronghold in Osaka was once Japan's mightiest and grandest castle.

Osaka Castle
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Today's keep (main tower)


It's the icon of Osaka city. Because the surrounding land is flat, the central tower (keep) can be seen from afar.

At night, it's illuminated, creating a magnificent scene for local residents.

The top floor rises 30 meters (100 feet). It offers a panoramic view of Osaka city and beyond.

Other floors feature an exhibition-style museum.

Moats and walls

The moat is wide and flanked with massive defensive walls made with mortar-less interlocking stones.

History in brief



Built by powerful ruler Hideyoshi Toyotomi


Destroyed in battle with the conquering Shogun Iseyasu Tokugawa


Rebuilt on even a grander scale by Tokugawa.


Destroyed by lightning, then slowly deteriorates through neglect and fighting.


Main tower reconstructed, but by using cement instead of original materials.


1997 - Site undergoes major needed repair work.

Osaka Castle is not
Japan's best castle

The somewhat similar looking Himeji Castle near Nara wins the "best" honor. It's a reconditioned original while the Osaka tower is mainly a 20th-century cement replica.

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