Ushiku Amada Buddha

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Ushiku Amada Buddha
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It is one of the world's tallest and most visually striking statues. It soars 120 meters or nearly 400 feet above the ground (counting the lotus platform and its base).

Ushiku Amada Buddha
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The statue depicts the Amida Buddha, who evolved from an ancient Japanese monk. Ushiku is the local city where the statue stands.


The monument was completed in 1995. The base is cement, the interior frame is steel, and the statue's exterior is made with 6,000 thin bronze plates.


Three windowed slits in the statue's chest give visitors a view of the countryside. You go up by elevator.


There's a museum-like presentation of the Amida Buddha story.

Near Tokyo

You can reach Ushiku from Tokyo by train in slightly over one hour.

Location in Japan

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