Top 10 reasons why
the Regent Voyager
is special

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Reasons $6 to #10
why you should go on
the Regent Voyagers

First-rate entertainment

The music and performances are upbeat, engaging and polished - geared for discerning audiences.

Enlightening shore excursions

They are conducted on a higher cultural level than on most cruise lines. And groups are smaller.

Sophisticated passengers

Most are broadly traveled, well-educated, affluent, and successful in their fields. Your fellow passengers are upmarket but not uptight. They are friendly and easy to meet. Demographics: Most are couples spanning a broad range of ages (mainly 30s to 70s, with the 50s and 60s being the largest segments). A high percentage are North Americans. Some work, some are retirees.

Peaceful & quiet environment

Guests are civil and considerate of others. And, children aboard this ship are well-mannered and few in number.

All-inclusive fare

Onboard food, wine, cocktails, entertainment and gratuities are included. No need to sign chits, calculate tips, and scrutinize a long detailed bill of charges at the end of the cruise.

Additional insights

Is the Voyager flawless?

It is impossible for any luxury cruise ship to be perfect given the complexity of a vessel and the many staffers involved. Blunders, lapses and other faults are bound to occur. However, on my Voyager cruise, deficiencies were few and far between.

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