Sacred Family Church

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Why Gaudi's
Sacred Family Church
in Barcelona is special

The Sacred Family Church conceived by Antoni Gaudi is one of the world's most striking and unconventionally designed houses of worship.

Gaudi's Sacred
Family Church
tips and insights

Avoid the crowds

Arrive in the morning when the Gaudi's Sacred Family Church first opens. Waiting lines are usually long because floor space is limited and this is Barcelona's most popular attraction.

Threat concern

A planned high-speed-train tunnel will come very close to the foundation of the Sacred Family Church. This has created controversy. Some experts believe that tunnel construction and train vibrations could damage the building by causing falling tiles, structural cracks, or even total collapse.

View of Barcelona

You can take an elevator up one of the spires for a great view of Barcelona. Alternatively, you can also walk up, but the staircase is quite narrow, has several hundred steps, and has two-way traffic.


Antoni Gaudi is entombed in the crypt of the Sacred Family Church. Be sure to visit the interesting museum in the crypt area. It illustrates the construction history.

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