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Venice transportation

Getting to Venice
from the airport

The train is far less expensive than taxi - and is often faster because it doesn't encounter traffic jams.

Getting to Venice from
your cruise ship

The train station is a short walk from the cruise port gate. You can also take a taxi, but rates are quite high and you could be stuck in traffic.

Getting around
the Historic Center

Using your feet is the fastest way for short to medium distances. For longer ones, take the popular vaporetto, a water bus (see photo above). Water taxis are another means, but are very costly.

Venice accommodations

Geographical options

Most visitors stay either in the atmospheric Historic Center or on the mainland in the commercial Mestre district.

Historic Center

This area is charming and geographically desirable. But be prepared for rate card shock. Prices are significantly higher in each category than in the commercial Mestre district.

$$$$ Luxury

The traditional Hotel Danieli near St Mark's Square and the on-a-nearby-island Hotel Cipriani are two of Venice's elite.

$$$ Mid-priced

Some worthy ones exist, including the Hotel Alla Fava located conveniently near the Rialto Bridge.

$$ B&Bd

They are far pricier than what you would expect to pay for a B&B but, remember, you're in Venice.

$ Budget

They don't exist except as hostels.

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