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Sweet tooth

Desserts, and cooking in general, tend to be relatively sweet, a fact indicative of the Iberian heritage.

Beans and rice

Throughout the most populated regions of Brazil, black beans and rice sprinkled with Farinha de Mandioca (manioc meal) are the staff of life.

Also popular

You frequently find these on the dinner table:

Molho de Pimenta e Limao

Lime-spiked hot sauce.


Hearts of palm used in salads, soups and main dishes.

Fruit pastes

Made from guava, banana, quince, peach, mango or coconut.

Culinary history
in brief

Culinary roots

Brazilian cuisine has distant culinary roots. Recipes are greatly influenced by culinary styles from the continents of Europe and Africa. This produces a fascinating variety of tastes and aromas.

Portuguese colonists

They settled in Brazil beginning in the early sixteenth century - and found a sparse Indian population.

Local Indian staples

Fish, land game, jungle fruit, and manioc were the staples of the rather limited, somewhat monotonous Indian diet.

Expanded culinary repertoire

The indigenous cuisine was subsequently broadened by the many newcomers including the conquering Portuguese and the enslaved Africans. This resulted in three major Brazilian culinary styles: Cariocan, Bahian and Paulista (see pages one and two).

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