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Brazil's top 3 regional cuisines

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Paulista Cuisine

From the city of Sao Paulo situated some 200 miles south of Rio. It is the most subtle and delicate of the three major Brazilian cuisine styles. Besides owing some of its character to the Portuguese, West Africans and Aborigines, it has been influenced by the Italians, Germans, and other Europeans who settled in Brazil in great numbers. An interesting local specialty is:

Cuscuz Paulista

Cornmeal steamed and molded with meats and vegetables, somewhat like the famous cracked wheat Couscous of North Africa.

Brazilan beverages


Brazil grows approximately one-third of the world's coffee. Its citizens like to drink their coffee served sweet, strong and black in small cups.


This popular soft drink is produced from dried berries, water (or carbonated water), and sugar. Admirers claim it gives them increased energy and endurance.

Yerba Mate

Brazilians, like Paraguayans and Argentineans, adore this herb tea.


A potent, clear sugar-cane brandy that is the traditional accompaniment of Feijoada Completa. Many locals drink it straight or use it in making the renowned Caipirinha and Batida Paulista cocktails.

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