17-Mile Drive

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17-Mile Drive
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The vast majority of visitors elect to take the self-drive tour. Admission runs about US$10 per car. You receive a free map guide - and a red dotted line on the two-lane 17-Mile-Drive keeps you from getting lost.

Organized bus tours are available for those who prefer them.

Best direction of travel

The 17-Mile-Drive has five guard gates. I recommend starting the trip at the one nearest Carmel and finishing at a northern gate. The sun can be in your eyes on bright days if you travel in the opposite direction.


The 17-Mile-Drive began during the carriage days of the 1880s, before the era of automobiles.

Privately owned

The 17-Mile-Drive and environs (including the shore, lodges and golf courses) is privately owned by the Pebble Beach Company.


You can have picnics on certain beaches. You can also have lunch in the restaurant at the exclusive Lodge of Pebble Beach, which overlooks the famed Pebble Beach Golf Links.

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