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Why the
Na Pali Coast
in Hawaii is special

Verdant sea cliffs gloriously soar upwards along the rugged and beautiful Na Pali Coast on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Part of the appeal is that the region is wilderness and inaccessible except by foot or boat.

Na Pali Coast
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Getting to the
Na Pali Coast by boat

Organized sea kayak and Zodiac raft tours take you directly to Kalalau Beach on day tours.

Larger boats do disembark you on the sandy retreat, but they hug the shoreline to allow you to see up close the vast cliffscape and the isolated valleys and beaches. 

Note that tours do not operate in the winter because of fierce winds and pounding waves.


If you don't wish to make the trip on foot or water, you can take a flight-seeing helicopter or airplane.

Obscuring clouds

Whether you travel by sea or air, book an early departing tour because afternoon clouds can shroud the upper cliffs.

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