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Redwoods National Park
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Telling a redwood
from a sequoia

The Redwood and Sequoia National Parks, both Hillman Silver Medal winners, are located 800 kilometers (500 miles) apart in California. Their majestic trees are biologically close relatives, but have distinct characteristics.


They are slightly taller, and have a fluted bark pattern.


They are greater in girth and volume, have a motley bark pattern, and live longer.


The leaves are designed to capture and condense moisture from the coastal fog during the dry season. Soon the droplets fall to the ground like rainfall to water the roots of the thirsty tree.


Redwoods can reproduce from seed - or by sprouting, from either live or dead trees.


The urge to conserve began in the 1800s when logging cut down most of the redwoods (its durable wood is excellent for constructing buildings).

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