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Times Square at night
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Although Times Square in New York City is ordinary by day, it turns into a dazzling universe of flashing neon and huge billboards at night. Yes, Times Square is glitzy, not esthetic, but it's a unique spectacular sight that everyone should experience at least once.

Times Square at night
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Interesting, monstrous, attention-grabbing signs on buildings are prohibited elsewhere in the city, but the edifices in Times Square are mandated to have them in order to maintain the district's character.


In its limited sense, Times Square occupies only the triangle created by the intersections of Broadway, Seventh Avenue and 43rd Street. Most of the awesome signage is in this zone. Most of the Broadway theatres and restaurants lie just outside it.


Times Square once drifted into a seamy neighborhood. It has now been retransformed into a safe, family-pleasing destination. However, be prepared for exceptionally crowded sidewalks, crossings and (if you're driving) streets during peak hours.

The new pedestrian-only zone has improved the experience for visitors.

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