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G'day. That's Australian slang for "hi" and "hello". Australian slang is widely used, so you will have more fun on your trip if you learn some words and phrases.

Here's my list of popular Australian slang (called "strine") to get you started. Some you may already know, thanks to Crocodile Dundee and other films.

I inserted short illustrating sentences to help reinforce the Australian slang in your mind.

Ace!  -  excellent!, splendid!
You found it? Ace!

Ankle biter  -  small child
Bring your ankle biters to Australia

Arvo  -  afternoon
We are leaving in the Arvo

Aussie  -  an Australian
Mel Gibson is an Aussie (pronounced ah-zee)

Aussie salute  -  brushing flies away
Picnicking requires Aussie salutes

Barbie  -  barbecue
Throw a steak on the barbie

Beaut  -  terrific, fantastic
The movie was a beaut!

Bush  -  remote inland area
You'll be lonely in the bush

Bities  -  annoying biting insects
Buy some repellent for the bities

Captain Cook  -  look
I'll give it a quick Captain Cook

Chook  -  chicken
Have some roasted chook

Coldie  -  beer
Let's stop in and have a coldie

Cuppa  -  cup of tea or coffee
Give me a cuppa

Cut lunch  -  sandwich
I'm hankering for a cut lunch

Down Under  -  Australia and New Zealand
Have you seen the Down Under?

G'day  -  hi, hello
G'day (pronounced gid'day) everyone!

Good on ya  -  well done, good for you
You won? Good on ya!

Joey  -  baby kangaroo
The joey peeked out of the pouch

Lollies  -  candy and other sweets
I have some lollies for you

Mate  -  buddy, friend
Loan me a dollar, mate

Never, Never  -  the distant hinterland
I'm moving to the never, never

Outback  -  remote inland Australia
You can get lost in the Outback

Oz  -  Australia
I was born in Oz

Pommy  -  Englishman
The Pommy likes our beer

Ripper  -  sensational, fantastic
It was a ripper game

Road train  -  truck pulling several trailers
Road trains intimate car drivers

Seppo  -  American
A busload of Seppos disembarked

Sheila  -  young woman
A sheila broke his heart

She'll be apples  -  it will be all right
Forget your error, she'll be apples

Snag (or "mystery bag")  -  sausage
Are you cooking snags on the barbie?

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All international rights reserved

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