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Why the
Indian Pacific Railroad
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The Indian Pacific Railroad is one of the most famous train journeys on earth. It crosses the entire Australian continent, much of it through the Outback.

Indian Pacific Railroad
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It gained its name because it travels between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It goes from Perth to Sydney with a quick dip into Adelaide. See map below.

Idea for train devotees

This journey is a must for train lovers (though other travelers may find it a bit tedious).


Indian Pacific Railroad of Australia is 4352 kilometers (2700 miles) in length. One stretch goes 478 kilometers (300 miles) without a single curve, a world's record.

Trip time

The entire trip takes about 65 hours, not counting en route delays, which are not uncommon for trains traveling in the Outback.

What you see

You pass a variety of landscapes, including the flat, treeless and almost featureless Nullarbor Plain in southwestern Australia.

Along the way you see kangaroos, feral camels, and the huge wedge-tailed eagles.

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