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Kings Canyon
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Kings Canyon (see photo) in Australia offers adventure travelers a picturesque 3-to-4-hour hike around its rim. Its sheer cliff faces soar from the creek bed over 100 meters (300 feet).

Kings Canyon
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Kings Canyon Walk

This is the trail and is about 6 kilometers (4 miles) in length. You cross to the other side of the canyon on a foot bridge at the halfway point.

Garden of Eden

A must is taking a short detour on the trail to visit the Garden of Eden. It's a secluded micro-climate enclave with a spring-fed waterhole encircled by ferns and other greenery in an otherwise mainly dry Kings Canyon environment. The detour also rewards you with the most magnificent Kings Canyon viewpoint.

Get an early start

Because this region of Australia has an intensely hot sun, rangers strongly recommend that you begin your Kings Canyon Walk in the early morning.

Travel clockwise

The rangers also urge you to travel clockwise, partly because you will have more shade from the steadily rising sun during the second half of your trek.

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