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Lord Howe Island
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The remote, alluring and semi-tropical Lord Howe Island of Australia is heaven for nature lovers - and for vacationers seeking a reprieve from their hectic lives back home.

Lord Howe Island
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Imagine an unspoiled island ...

that has all of the following and you would be thinking of Lord Howe Island.


Natural beauty

It boasts a crystal-clear turquoise lagoon, golden sand beaches, and magnificent coral reefs.

Striking landscapes

They include twin misty volcanic peaks commanding one end of Lord Howe Island - and a natural forest that blankets most of this gem of Australia.


There are only 350 residents and just 400 visitors are allowed on the island at any given time.

Peace and tranquility

The Lord Howe Island lifestyle is casual and uncomplicated - there are few cars and no traffic (bicycles and feet are the principal modes of transportation) - and there is purposely no cell phone reception.

You don't have to rough it

There are comfy small lodges, bungalows, and guest
houses on Lord Howe Island.


Many activities await you including, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, diving, fishing, hiking, golfing, bird watching, and glass-bottom boating.

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