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The Outback
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The Outback of Australia has long captured the imagination of adventure travelers. It is one of our planet's last frontiers.

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The Outback is approximately the size of Western Europe.


The Outback is the collective word for the vast, arid, sparsely populated remote inland areas throughout Australia. The shaded area on my map below shows its rough boundaries.


Bear in mind that my boundaries are well-researched but not gospel. No Outback definition can be factual because there is no official government delineation. Some people believe the Outback is smaller, others think it is larger than I indicate.

Land diversity

The Outback is not all desert. It has a variety of terrain and climates with varied wildlife and vegetation. Some vistas are scenic and the peaceful seclusion is gratifying. At night, the stars shine brightly through the unpolluted air.

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