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The distinctive and striking architectural design of the Sydney Opera House in Australia remains remarkably fresh and vibrant decades after it was built in 1973.

Sydney Opera House
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It was conceived by a relatively unknown Danish architect named Jorn Utzon. He won a design competition against 200 contenders from over two dozen countries.

Striking roof

His gracefully curvaceous roof shells are often described as billowing spinnaker sails in a strong ocean breeze.


Initially, many locals disliked his design, using derogatory words like "horrendous". Today, it is a pride of the city and Australia.

Changing horses
in midstream

Before the interior was done, Utzon was kicked off the project. Cultural politics played a part. The design was taken over by a committee. You know the usual outcome: foot-dragging and uninspired results.


The interior of the Sydney Opera House is being refurbished. This time, Utzon is taking a major role.

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