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Hong Kong -
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Best times

October and November

Enjoy mild temperatures and blue skies.

March and April

Hong Kong has comfortable temperatures. You will also have sunny days (but not quite as many as you would find in October and November).

Least desirable times

June to August

Expect muggy humidity and stifling high temperatures - as well as heavy rains and occasional typhoons. Of the three summer months, August is the least desirable.

December to February

Temperatures are jacket-cold and skies are often cloudy or overcast. (On the positive side, this period has scant rain - and early December can sometimes be nice.)

More insights

Chinese New York

Unless you have a reason for visiting Hong Kong then, avoid Chinese New Year (takes place in January or February, depending on the lunar calendar). The areas of Hong Kong that appeal to tourists becomes extremely crowded.

Chinese National Holidays

Hong Kong also becomes excessively crowded during the "May 1" and "November 1" Chinese national holidays. Choose another time.

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