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Best times

October to November / spring

This is the overall best period. The weather is mild and you don't have the thick crowds, limited hotel availability, and wallet-thinning prices of the second best period (see below).

December to February / summer

This the second best period. It's very popular with tourists. And the famous Bondi Beach near Sydney is at its best. However, this period has some drawbacks. The popularity creates tourist crowds, fully booked hotels, and high airline fares. And temperatures and humidity sometimes become uncomfortably high.

Least desirable times

May to August / wintry period

Expect cold daytime and near-freezing nighttime temperatures (especially in June and July). And your daylight sightseeing hours will be short.

If you're also
  visiting Ayers Rock,
  and the Great Barrier Reef

Sydney, Ayers Rock (Uluru), and the Great Barrier Reef have different climates. When the weather is desirable in one of the three destinations, it may be undesirable in the other two. So you have to compromise. Overall, September is your best bet.

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