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Great Court

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The Eye-catching Queen Elizabeth II Great Court is a sizable courtyard covered by an immense curved glass ceiling and lined with Greek-facaded museum galleries.

Reading room

The Great Court's focal point is the Reading Room edifice, which dramatically rises from the middle of the courtyard.

This round structure houses a large, old-fashioned research library boasting a high-domed ceiling and long tables fanning out from the room's hub like wagon-wheel spokes. The ambiance is invitingly traditional.

Use of this famous room was once limited to the few, but is now open to any museum-goer for walk-around sightseeing or for casual or serious reading at tables once used by celebrated writers and scholars.

Magna Carta is gone

It has a new home

This renowned 13th century document of freedom had long been one of the top draws of the British Museum. The Magna Carta was recently relocated permanently to the British Library.

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