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The Cabot trail in Nova Scotia, Canada is a beautiful scenic road looping around northern Cape Breton. The drive winds through mountain wilderness and skirts a rugged coastline.

Cabot Trail
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Along the route, you visit small fishing villages that reflect their Scottish and Acadian heritages. Some present performances of Scottish and Irish folk music in the local style.


It is the traditional starting and ending point of the loop in Nova Scotia. It boasts a museum devoted to Alexander Graham Bell (he regularly summered in Baddeck). It showcases his memorabilia and inventions, including the telephone.

Pleasant Bay

This bay (see photo) is the most photographic segment of the Cabot Trail. It's also a fine place for whale watching.

When to go

Vehicular traffic appreciably thickens during the summer tourist season. I recommend that you visit in the Spring when the forsythia bushes and wildflowers are in bloom - or during the Fall when Mother Nature puts on her colorful foliage show.

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